The daily curation report [14/02/2020]

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The THEUNIONSUPPORT account will support to give greater visibility to users who publish art. Five articles will be voted daily in collaboration with THEUNION.

La cuenta THEUNIONSUPPORT servirá de soporte para dar una mayor visibilidad a los usuarios que publican arte. Diariamente se se votarán cinco artículos en colaboración con THEUNION.

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@alnhartPainted Faces


The first two are based off photos of real people, and the third is from my imagination and part of a larger piece that I'm working on.

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@adelepazaniAcrylic painting on canvas ,yellow tree


I made a funny stopmotion for it, and draw a yellow tree with many stars, record a video tutorial for this painting for my youtube channel, will upload it soon,

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@cetb2008Splinterlands Art Contest!


Greetings friends, this is my participation in the art contest by: @steemmonsters (splinterlands) Week 71, this drawing is made with the Inkscape program, I hope you like it.

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@richjrUnknown person / Facebook


Hi my friends. This time there won't be any link to put because this drawing is of a person I don't even know who it is.

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@masummim50New Digital Painting


I was wondering what would be good to draw today. For a moment there i thought of drawing a character because i was watching this video on youtube about character designing.

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