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Hello dear community here I am going to introduce you to one of my students from the acoustic guitar class; one of the instruments that is most practiced among the youth and adolescents of the country. Gabriel de Jesús Sumoza was a student and musician from one of the most experienced high schools in the city, the "Niños Cantores de Villa de Cura".

In this home video, the student shows us on his guitar how to play the solo of a famous song that was very popular in the 70's by the group "purpura profunda". The song "Cuando un hombre ciego llora" has an incredible guitar solo in its harmonic structure and here the student performs it in a special way for the whole community. Hoping that it will be to your liking, your friend and teacher Gaborockstar says goodbye affectionately.

Hola querida comunidad acá les voy a presentar a uno de mis estudiantes de la clase de guitarra acústica; uno de los instrumentos de mayor practica entre los jóvenes y adolescentes del país. Gabriel de Jesús Sumoza fue un estudiante y músico de una de los Liceos de mayor trayectoria de la ciudad como lo es los "Niños Cantores de Villa de Cura".

En este vídeo casero, el estudiante nos muestra en su guitarra como tocar el solo de una famosa canción que fuera muy popular en la década de los años 70 por la agrupación "purpura profunda" se trata del tema "Cuando un hombre ciego llora" que tiene un increíble solo de guitarra en su estructura armónica y acá el estudiante lo ejecuta de manera especial para toda la comunidad.. Esperando sea de su agrado se despide cariñosamente su amigo y profesor Gaborockstar.

Whe a blind man cries



If you're leaving, close the door
I'm not expecting people, anymore
Hear me grieving, lying on the floor
Whether I'm drunk or dead I really ain't too sure

I'm a blind man
I'm a blind man
And my world is pale
When a blind man cries
Lord oh, you know
There ain't a sadder tale

Had a friend once, in a room
Had a good time, but it ended much too soon
In a cold month, in that room
We found a reason, for the things we had to do

I'm a blind man
I'm a blind man
Now my room is cold
When a blind man cries
Lord oh, you know
He feels it from his sou



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