Creciendo - [En] Growing up | Spring 2020

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Así notamos que la primavera está aquí, tocando nuestras puertas, desde el balcón puedo ver a lo lejos como todo comienza a florecer, y los árboles empiezan a vestirse de nuevo con el verde de sus hojas. Estas imágenes tienen al menos tres semanas, me gustaría mucho poder verlos en este momento. Espero que podamos superar pronto esta prueba que la vida nos ha puesto al frente. Salud y fortaleza para todos.

F/5.6 | ISO/320 | EXP - 1/200 seg | D.F - 135 mm | Camera - Canon EOS Rebel T2i

F/5.6 | ISO/200 | EXP - 1/250 seg | D.F - 135 mm | Camera - Canon EOS Rebel T2i

F/5.6 | ISO/250 | EXP - 1/160 seg | D.F - 90 mm | Camera - Canon EOS Rebel T2i

F/5.6 | ISO/125 | EXP-1/160 seg | D.F - 100 mm | Camera - Canon EOS Rebel T2i

[En]So we notice that spring is here, knocking on our doors, from the balcony I can see in the distance how everything begins to bloom, and the trees begin to dress up again with the green of their leaves. These images are at least three weeks old, I would very much like to see them now. I hope that we can soon overcome this test that life has put us in front of. Health and strength to all.

Taken with a Camera Canon EOS Rebel T2i. © All Rights Reserved
All photographs are my property, I like to share them as well as my experiences.
Coimbra, Portugal.


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